Detox can involve a number of therapies and processes, some of which may not be covered by insurance companies. When you hire our behavioral health billing company in Utah, we work with patients and insurance companies to determine what care patients are eligible to receive and what costs your patients may be responsible for.

When you accept a patient into your detox program, the process may involve a number of different steps, but it usually starts with a medical evaluation to determine if the patient has any underlying health issues.

Detox is difficult for even the healthiest of patients, and rehab facilities must determine the best way to manage each patient’s withdrawal symptoms. Contributing factors may include the substance from which they are withdrawing, their personal health and tolerance levels, the availability of a support system and their dedication to the process.

Services you and your practice might provide to a patient in detox include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and medications. Insurance companies may cover some, none or all of these services. However, as an experienced mental health billing company, we know that when an insurance company says a service is “covered,” they may mean it is covered at a rate that is far lower than what your practice charges.

It’s important to work with a psychology billing company in Utah that has experience and is prepared for the type of roadblocks insurance companies are known to put in the way of providers.

Threshold Billing Solutions will handle all your detox verifications of benefits, medical authorizations, behavioral health billing and claims follow-ups.

By advocating for your patients, we lessen their burden and your administrative headaches, so they can focus on getting well.

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