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At Threshold Billing Solutions, we have refined a process that achieves long term results for clients and their patients. We'll see you through from admissions to clinical documentation all while ensuring compliance with insurance company requirements.

Behavioral Health Billing

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Verification of Benefits

The verification of benefits process is a vital step in the billing process. We complete an in-depth review of each patient’s policy and offer a detailed breakdown of covered services. This comprehensive review of each policy allows us to create the foundation for successful treatment billing. We offer quick turnaround times on each verification of benefits, so you have the information you need when you need it.


Authorization and utilization reviews are key to ensuring patients receive the level of care they require. Because we have the knowledge and experience we are able to provide training to your team so you can provide the appropriate documentation to make this difficult process as painless as possible. Coupled with our intelligent processes and software, we can ensure that we meet important deadlines and obtain authorization throughout each patient’s entire course of treatment.


Correct and timely billing reduces payment cycle time. Our team is dedicated to staying informed about current coding requirements. We ensure accurate billing through technology and experience. We also manage rate negotiations when available to secure the highest possible reimbursement. Our process is simple – you provide attendance information, and we do the rest. Shorter repayment periods without hours of extra work for your team.

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Claim Follow Up

Claim follow-up is a time-intensive process that ensures accurate repayment. By following up on claims every other week, we make certain that claims are paid on time. We are experts at managing both soft and hard denials. We will exhaust every option, such as claims corrections and appeals, before deeming a claim ineligible for payment.

By advocating for your patients, we lessen their burden and your administrative headaches, so they can focus on getting well.

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