Residential Programs

Residential Programs

In behavioral health care, some of the most expensive claims are related to residential programs. For this reason, insurance companies are notorious for taking a hard stance regarding mental health billing for these services. You need an advocate on your side. Work with Threshold Billing Solutions, a Utah behavioral health billing company that can help you collect more for your services.

Oftentimes the best chance a patient has at recovery from addiction is a residential program. While outpatient programs are helpful, it’s much easier for an addict to relapse when they must continue to live in their current environment. Difficulties may include such living with other addicts in the same house.

You know what’s best for your patients and what will help them get better, but insurance companies don’t want to pay the cost. This, despite the fact that their members pay premiums in exchange for covered services.

While many doctors and dentists need only send a bill with the correct code to an insurance company in order to get paid, behavioral health care providers must fight for approvals and payments for almost every patient they treat. It’s time-consuming and exhausting. That’s why so many health care providers use a behavioral health billing company like Threshold Billing Solutions.

We fight for your patients to get them the approvals they are entitled to, so that they can get better.

If you have a patient who needs to be admitted to a residential program for addiction, depend on Threshold Billing solutions for verification of benefits, authorizations, billing for mental health services and claim follow-up.

By advocating for your patients, we lessen their burden and your administrative headaches, so they can focus on getting well.

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