Behavioral health medical billing authorizations are notoriously difficult to get. The process is time-consuming. You — or a representative — must come prepared to fight. Free up hours of your time and delegate this chore to Threshold Billing Solutions. We have extensive experience in obtaining mental health billing authorizations.

Behavioral Health Billing Services in Utah

As convoluted as a medical authorization is, Threshold Billing Solutions sees it as a positive. Prior to these becoming the norm, health care providers would deliver critical services to patients and clients only to have an insurance company deny payment later. The reason for denial could be legitimate or questionable, but the upshot was the same: The patient gets stuck with the bill, and the provider may never get paid. You don’t want this to be you.

Today, many insurance companies require prior authorization for services. This means that your practice must get the OK from your patient’s insurance company before delivering any mental health services. This way, once you get your authorization, you can be sure you’ll get paid. But they don’t make it easy.

Threshold Billing Solutions has set itself up as the top behavioral health billing service in Utah, and that means we are able to get medical authorizations quicker and more often than others. Experience, knowledge and perseverance are the keys to obtaining behavioral health services medical authorizations.

Psychology Billing in Utah

As a patient moves through stages of treatment, they may need several behavioral health services authorizations. Patients may start out by receiving evaluations. This may be done by an LICSW, a physician or a psychiatrist. A patient’s insurance may pay for one of these, but not the others, so it’s important to determine this ahead of time.

If your patient qualifies for therapy, they may receive authorization for individual or group therapy. Group therapy is usually cheaper, and the insurance company may try to push this option.

Depending on the patient’s condition, they may need to be hospitalized. They may be approved for outpatient care for a period of time, partial hospitalization or full hospitalization.

They will likely require meds — some may be approved while others are not.

Mental Health Billing

If you have any experience in this area, you know how difficult and complicated these behavioral health services medical authorizations can be. You can spend more time on the phone with insurance companies instead of treating patients.

Turn this chore over to Threshold Billing Solutions, and do what you were trained to do — help patients recover from substance abuse.

We get the medical authorizations you need, and we get them faster, so that there is less chance of interruption to continuity of care. What if a bed opens up, but the patient still doesn’t have their medical authorization clearance? These patients don’t have time to wait, and they often don’t have the strength to weather disappointment.

Don’t let it happen. Trust Threshold Billing Solutions with all your behavioral health services medical authorizations, and rest assured you will get the approvals you need, faster.

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