Billing is a necessary evil — it’s time-consuming, unpleasant and difficult, but you need to do it to run your practice. Worse, sometimes after all the time and effort you put in, you don’t even receive payment. Turn over this loathsome chore to Threshold Billing Solutions. You’ll get back hours of time, plus peace of mind.

Psychology Billing in Utah

Running a behavioral health practice or facility is a lot of work. You don’t have time for lots of paperwork, or to chase insurance companies or patients for overdue payments.

At Threshold Billing Solutions, we take care of all the mental health billing related to your practice or clinic. We have valuable experience in coding and billing for mental health services, and we use sophisticated, cutting-edge software to track bills and payments. This makes our system extremely efficient, netting you more payments in less time.

Not only is experience in coding and billing for mental health services invaluable in the behavioral health industry, but when you count on a therapy billing company like Threshold Billing Solutions, you don’t have to worry about industry changes affecting your billing system.

Insurance company coding and billing for mental health services is almost as notorious as the IRS for complexities and sudden and frequent changes to the rules. You need a team on your side who stays informed, 365 days a year.

Regardless of whether you are waiting for payment from a patient or from an insurance company, you appreciate when it is made promptly. After all, you have payroll to meet and other bills to pay as well. Sending out second and third notices is not only time-consuming, but it isn’t fair — you shouldn’t have to wait for the money you are owed.

Behavioral Health Billing Services in Utah

The best part about hiring a third party to handle billing for mental health services is that you get your payments faster. Your billing cycles are shorter, and your staff doesn’t have to spend its valuable time making phone calls and sending notices. We take care of all your behavioral health medical billing.

Another reason Threshold Billing Solutions is so valuable is because we have so much experience with coding and billing for mental health services. If a bill is submitted incorrectly with the wrong code, it can be weeks or even months before you realize why the bill hasn’t been paid. At that point, you must look for the error, correct it and rebill. This adds months to the cycle, unnecessarily.

Further, Threshold Billing Solutions can act as your agent in rate negotiations. You are likely aware that insurance companies offer as little as 10% of a bill as payment, and if you let them get away with it, you’ll soon be working for nothing. We have extensive experience negotiating rates with insurance companies to get you the highest possible reimbursement.

Turn over the odious chore of behavioral health medical billing in Utah to Threshold Billing Solutions today, and get back precious time to spend with your patients or family.

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