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In a perfect world, no one would need to follow up with anything, because it would be done correctly the first time. Alas, this is not how psychology billing in Utah works, and that is what our mental health billing services are all about. Threshold Billing Solutions takes care of verification of benefits, medical authorizations, therapy billing and claim follow-up, freeing you to do what you intended when you opened your practice — treat patients.

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Medical billing is a complex, labyrinthine process. Each phone call, email, inquiry, submitted bill is a hurdle, and the insurance companies wait for you to get tired of jumping over them. And you will. But we won’t. Because that’s our job.

Not only does outsourcing your behavioral health billing services to a third party free up much of your time, it also increases your revenue. That’s because we never give up. We are hurdles for insurance companies, and we get the money for you that they owe you.

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Claim follow-up refers to the task of finding out why claims were denied. After all, you so frequently need prior medical authorization before even delivering a service that you think it should be smooth sailing after that. But it never is.

Our first order of business is to determine whether the denial was soft or hard. A soft denial is made when there is some type of correctable error, such as an incorrect code. When you choose Threshold Billing Solutions, you greatly reduce the number of soft denials, because our experience in coding and billing for mental health services is so extensive that errors are rarely made.

However, there are times when we receive the wrong information from an insurance company, they read the claim incorrectly or they ask for more information, and it results in a soft denial. We quickly clear these up.

Hard denials take more work. These are often centered around such issues as the policy not covering the service, the provider not securing a prior authorization, deadlines being missed, incorrect dates submitted, etc.

It is sometimes possible to collect a payment after a hard denial, but we must file an appeal. The paperwork must be completed correctly and filed on time, and someone must monitor the process going forward.

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An ugly part of billing and follow-up includes refund requests. Despite the fact that insurance companies attempt to deny legitimate claims based on arbitrary deadlines they impose, they may ask you to return money they paid you for a claim years ago. This request may be based on a recent audit or other information that points to the possibility that the insurance company made an error when they paid you.

This type of disheartening request can be exhausting — and it can cost you money. Don’t even think about it — let Threshold Billing Solutions handle it for you.

Stop wasting time dealing with insurance companies and dedicate yourself to your patients. Work with Threshold Billing Solutions for verifications of benefits, medical authorizations, behavioral health billing and claims follow-up.

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