Verification of Benefits

As a provider of behavioral health care services, you know that the verification of benefits process can be arduous. Dealing with insurance companies to get approval and reimbursement is an uphill battle. Partner with Threshold Billing Solutions, and feel certain that your practice’s coding and billing for mental health services will be done correctly and on time.

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It often takes much longer than necessary to get a patient into the treatment program they need, and insurance companies are often the reason behind the delay. The fact is that most insurance companies are for-profit, and they spend part of their profits employing people whose job it is to try to deny benefits to deserving clients. It’s a treacherous industry.

At Threshold Billing Solutions, we are a team experienced in behavioral health billing, but our work is more than just a job to us. We take it personally, because it’s important to us that your patients get the treatment they need. We don’t rest until we get answers, and we don’t take no for an answer.

Verification of Benefits

Our first step in the verification of benefits process is to get a copy of your patient’s insurance policy so we can see which services are covered and which aren’t. But policies are sometimes intentionally opaque, so a service that seems like it’s covered may not be.

That’s why Threshold Billing Solutions calls individual insurance companies for a verification of benefits — we don’t want any surprises, ever. Your patients should be focusing on recovery, not worried about what percentage of their bill is covered.

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As a health care provider, you don’t have time to constantly chase insurance companies for a verification of benefits. It’s a full-time job. The insurance companies take days or longer to get back to you about each individual patient. Meanwhile, your patients languish, waiting for answers.

You may have been trying to handle verification of services on your own, or you may have delegated the task to someone in your office. But it takes up so much time — time you need to help your patients get better.

And even if you have an administrative assistant to help with verification of benefits, if they are not familiar with the process, it could end up taking them much longer, and the outcome may not be as favorable as it would be if you had used the experienced team at Threshold Billing Solutions.

Moreover, we pride ourselves not only on our knowledge and experience, but our tenacity. Not unlike a collections department, the behavioral health billing industry requires that we make the same phone call perhaps dozens of times before we get the answer we need. And that takes a certain dogged persistence that not all administrative assistants have. Some people can be worn down. Not us.

For complete and thorough verification of benefits and mental health billing solutions, call Threshold Billing Solutions.

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