A helping hand

Threshold Billing Solutions offers behavioral health billing services in Utah for behavioral health Treatment Programs. We simplify mental health and substance use disorder billing, including detox, residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient billing services. We manage your full insurance revenue cycle so you can focus on your patients and running your business.


Billing insurance companies for your services is time-consuming and difficult. Not only does this chore take many hours per week, it also requires the skill of a behavioral health billing company that understands coding and billing for mental health services. Coding and billing for any type of medical practice is complicated, and behavioral health has its own specific requirements. Feel like you are in good hands with a Billing organization that has over a decade of behavioral health specific billing!

Errors in coding lead to delays in payment and possibly even loss of revenue. Contact us now to get your behavioral health billing needs covered by Threshold Billing Solutions. Take billing off your shoulders and get time with your patients back.


You may be on the fence about working with a behavioral health billing company because of the cost. You may believe it’s cheaper to handle mental health billing yourself. The truth is, for most behavioral health care providers, it’s not. You must have constant research, legal, and expert assistance with navigating through behavioral health billing.

Billing for mental health services is a complicated job best done by a trained behavioral health billing company. For instance, before you provide care to your patients, you may need a verification of benefits and a medical authorization. If either of these tasks is done incorrectly, your patient may not get the care they need, and you will not get the revenue that would have accompanied the care.

Further, Threshold Billing Solutions works tirelessly to get claims paid that insurance companies have denied. This is a big and important part of our service. You need a behavioral health billing services company on your side that knows how to get this job done. Not only are knowledge and experience important, but also dedication and tenacity. We don’t give up until your patients’ claims are paid.

About us

Threshold Billing Solutions helps behavioral health care providers with revenue cycle management, freeing up your time for what really matters — your patients. The Threshold Billing Solutions team is made up of experienced individuals who understand the importance of behavioral health. When you work with us, you’ll be able to reclaim the time you’ve been spending on billing cycles and dedicate it to patients’ recovery from addiction.

We’re constantly learning about the always-changing field of health insurance. Our savvy team is ready to tackle any and all of the roadblocks that come along with dealing with health care billing. Over the years, our team has acquired the knowledge needed to find the best solution for clients and patients. We use the latest technology to expand our capabilities and increase our quality of service.

Health insurance is always changing, but we’re ready to handle all the obstacles along the way. We have experience arguing claim denials, completing utilization reviews and dealing with all things health care. Our underlying goal is always to be your advocate. We advocate for you so that you can focus on and advocate for your patients. Let us lessen the burden so that patients can focus on a road to recovery and a life free of addiction.

How to get started

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your practice save time and money with our behavioral health medical billing solutions. We will set up a consultation with you during which we can explain exactly how the process works and what we can do for you. At Threshold Billing Solutions, we have refined a process that achieves long-term results for clients and patients. We’ll see you through from admissions to clinical documentation, all while ensuring compliance with insurance company requirements.